Thursday, January 6, 2011

Girlfiend Glitter Cups!!

I made some super cute, ridiculously gaudy, glitter cups for the New Year's party at my moms house. I got the idea from a well know scrapper, Margie Romney. I really liked them and I didn't want to pay a $35 a cup especially when I had to make a ton of them. So I made them myself. They used the large plastic fast food kind of cups and added an extra one to put inside the glittered dazzled up cup. I liked that idea but thought the lid would get all crappy so i went out and bought some of those double lined hard plastic cups, like the Starbucks ones, I found mine at TJ Maxx for 4.99 ea. I glittered the outside of the cups and then I made a sleeve to fit over the cup that can be removed so you can HAND WASH the cups easier. They are super fun for any occasion!! We drank DR. PEPPER out of them all night!

And of course I scrapped about it for one of my layouts for Scrap Yourself!
Scrap Yourself

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